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SPAM Shredder is an anti-spam email client that automatically classifies incoming emails as spam or non-spam.
SPAM Shredder is a spam filtering software that lets you remove spam emails just from the mail server without pulling them down into your Inbox. Spam Shredder does not download the entire message. It is much quicker than using your normal e-mail program which will have to retrieve the entire message including any attachments. SPAM Shredder ensures the efficient and easy control under incoming emails, thus helping to save your time and money! Applying the SPAM Shredder allows to determine up to 99.9% of spam emails. SPAM Shredder is a powerful and comfortable email client with effective spam filtering and good privacy and security protection.

SPAM Shredder is a public key email encryption client that automatically encrypts all your messages.
It's a fact that when you communicate with Email in the usual POP3 form, Web-mail, or even via SSL, your messages can be intercepted, read, changed, and counterfeited by others. Now there is a secure way to communicate over the Internet. There is an email client that fully protects your correspondence from prying eyes. SPAM Shredder, designed with modern military level cryptography, securely protects all transmitted data.

Upgrades: Upgrades are free.

System requirements: All Windows.

Algorithm: SPAM Shredder uses the AES (128 bit keysize)
                and El Gamal (1024 bit keysize).


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